Child Sponsorship


With their parents out working hard, they had no one to look after them.  Most of their families can not even afford to send them to school. 



We wanted to start a school for them and it became possible when many sponsors and donors came forward. In October 2002, we opened a fully functional school and a kindergarten, the Sandipani Muni School (SMS).

Most of the children came to the school illiterate, but they are very eager to learn. The classes cover the usual areas of education: Hindi, English, math, general knowledge, social studies. In addition we give classes in hygiene and good behavior.

To help fund the school, FFLV started the Gift of Hope program, which allows sponsors to guarantee the children’s future by giving a monthly donation. The program addresses four needs of the children: education, a nutritious diet, medical care, and school uniforms, including warm clothing.  We need your help to guarantee the future of each child.  A monthly commitment from you would offer a child an opportunity for a better future...  a Gift of Hope.



We provide the sponsored children nutritious meals of staples such as bread, rice, beans and vegetables.  Milk and fruit are also provided, ensuring a complete and well-balanced diet for the children’s growing bodies.  The food we take for granted in the West is a luxury for needy village children.  We offer medical care and give essential vitamins and food supplements (75% of Indian girls from ages ten to twenty are anemic, lacking zinc, iron, and vitamin C.)  We also provide the sponsored children appropriate clothing for each season including school uniforms and shoes.

How do I sponsor a child?

Sponsorship is as simple as a donation.  Any length of commitment is greatly appreciated.

Click on the photo album link and select a child from our school who requires sponsorship.

Contact and givie us the name of the child you want to sponsor and your own details. We will send you a card with the photo and information about the child and we will suggest you the easiest way of payment in your country.

How much should my donation be?

Indian Rs. 60 per day (approx US $43 or 32 Euros or £23 per month) is sufficient to ensure a boy receives an education, medical care, nutritious diet, and clothing.

In addition to that we ask that sponsors give an extra $5 a month for each girl sponsored. This is to help prevent her from being taken out of school for premature marriage. (for more info please click on the "save our girls" or email to:  

So, instead of $43 per month, a sponsor will give $48 monthly for a girl. This will give us an extra $60 a year, which will be placed in a special bank account. When the girl reaches the age of 18 and has completed her studies, that money will be given to her.

How will we use your donation?

Your monthly donation goes to FFLV, which has its own school, kitchen, transportation, and medical team.  We provide books, food, medicine and school uniforms.  As our administration costs are minimal, 95% of your donation will be spent on the child.

What is the relationship between a child and his or her sponsor?

We will send the sponsor a photograph and information about the child on a regular basis. The sponsors, if they wish, can send their own photo to their sponsored child. Such a gesture will be appreciated by the child’s parents or guardians as they become more aware of the wonderful opportunity given to the children by far-away well wishers. However it is an unfortunate fact that the sponsored children and their families can leave Vrindavan at any time and not return. In this case, with the sponsors consent we are happy to select another needy child for sponsorship.